Grow Your Small Business Faster Than Ever With Creative Blitz Marketing!

clip_image002Wouldn't it be great if you could simply flip on a switch and watch your business grow in exposure, reach and sales all at the same time?
How about if you had a way to generate hundreds of leads, while also blowing up (in a good way) any new product launch or promotion?
Well, believe it or not, there is a way to do this. It's called "Creative Blitz Marketing" and it fits perfectly within any brands search or digital marketing campaign!
Creative Blitz campaigns are intense, focused marketing strategies that are designed to pull in as much exposure and recognition to a business and/or its offerings in a very short period of time.
Typically, these marketing campaigns are geared toward small, local businesses that need to draw as much immediate attention as possible. The strategy is able to successfully bolster a small business's credentials by utilizing a variety of mass media forms to connect members of a local population with the small business.

While they are traditionally built utilizing various forms of offline media such as brochures and posters, they are becoming much more prominent throughout the search and digital world.
For small businesses who are desperate for growth but do not have the resources to maintain year-long marketing campaigns, utilizing the "Blitz" method is a fast, efficient solution for achieving immediate success that also sets up a base for long-term growth, there's even an option for those trying to find the best dental practice marketing options.
"Creative Blitz" In Theory:
Digital creative blitz campaigns connect local consumers with information about a local business, product or event through the use of mass media.
The development of rich, local content is manufactured based on the intricate details associated with a particular community. Based on those details, content is formed to align with what search engines look for and promote on a local level.
In theory, when a blitz campaign is set up correctly, the local business pushing the campaign will quickly appear on search engine listings through the use of search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and mobile marketing.
In creating an experience that sees a local business:


  • On the first page of search engine listings for popular key phrases
  • Pushing online banner ads
  • Advertising on popular social media platforms
  • Direct e-mailing other local businesses
  • Sending press releases to various local media outlets

The idea is that the brand will be spread over so many different spaces that its local population will want to check out the company because of the relentless exposure to the business's message.
Why Even Bother Setting Up A Digital Blitz Campaign?
Developing a digital blitz strategy to compliment your on-going search optimization campaign is an excellent way to grow your small business's exposure. Through the constant deployment of media, local residents quickly become aware of and interested in your brand.
Blitz campaigns are excellent catalysts for attracting leads and driving immediate sales and are especially productive for businesses that offer seasonal products or promotions. If your small business is a car dealership and you are offering $5,000 cash back deals for Labor Day Weekend, then pushing this single promotion through as many media outlets as possible between August 1 and September 2 would certainly generate an influx of foot traffic based on the exposure generated within a concentrated area.

Three Small Businesses Who Become Rock Stars Using Digital Creative Blitz Campaigns:

clip_image0061. Inevo 360
This medical weight loss and nutrition clinic launched a comprehensive blitz campaign that highlighted and promoted their five retail locations in the Greater Pittsburgh area. In promoting their weight loss programs, Inevo360 utilized:

  • PPC
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Ads
  • Stand-alone Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Banners

The combination of PPC and Search Engine Optimization tactics successfully generated over 4,000 unique visitors month over month and brought in over 1,000 brand new clients.

clip_image0082. Walnut Grill
Walnut Grill was an established restaurant chain in Pennsylvania before launching their blitz campaign. However, while the business's name was already established in the minds of their local constituents, they were struggling to bring in new clients without spending tens of thousands of dollars in television and radio advertising.
Their solution saw them integrate various forms of traditional media with a set of online campaigns. Walnut Grill was able to connect with new customers throughout the entire state through the use of social media and direct e-mail. In total, their efforts generated over $17,000 in sales in just two days.

3. Super Stich
Super Stich is a specialty franchise that could not get away from being listed behind her competitors on the second and third page of search engine results.
After setting up a digital blitz campaign that included social media ads and a PPC campaign, Super Stich was able to increase their Facebook friends to over 800 fans in just 4 days.
Super Stich was also able to overcome their competitors on search listings through the tremendous amount of immediate exposure they generated.

About the Author: Julian Connors

Julian is an experienced search marketing director who has developed complex, wide-scale search and social campaigns for brands that include: P&G, The Source, Papa Johns, GiveSmart, and more.A published author on the concept of "Social SEO", Connors contributes to a number of recognized publications and speaks at digital marketing conferences throughout the country.

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