Imagine this. You sign up to one of the sponsored review services, or you approach a blogger in your niche personally, asking for a review of your site. The blogger takes a look at your site and sees the standard home page, about us, services and/or products pages, and that's it. The blogger scratches his head and wonders what you want reviewed. The site itself? The design? The usability? The products? Any particular product?

I've turned down reviews with that exact scenario. I had no idea what the site owner wanted me to review, and I certainly didn't see anything in particular that was worth reviewing. Where was that ONE THING - that special something?

  • Does your site have a reviewable resource?
  • Does your site have a tool?
  • A comparison chart?
  • A how-to video?
  • Some sort of interactive wizard?
  • Have you created something special that someone would want to review?

If not, get one. Then, once you have one, get it reviewed. You DO know who blogs in your niche, don't you? If not, find out. Obviously, you may have to pay to get your unique gizmo reviewed, but it never hurts to ask a blogger to review it anyway. They may even do it for free if it's something that piques their interest.

So to recap:

  1. Create a reviewable resource if you haven't already. (Or create a new one if you have).
  2. Get the resource reviewed by bloggers
  3. Watch the links and traffic build
  4. Rinse and repeat