It is always a goal to increase the number of brand ambassadors for your business.  A simple way to let people Like you on Facebook is to embed the Facebook Like box right into your website.

There are a few simple steps to the process:

  1. Visit the Facebook Developers Social Plugins page.
  2. Enter the URL of your Facebook Page
  3. Specific the width of your WordPress sidebar
  4. Decide if you would like to customize the border color
  5. You may include the stream of recent Facebook Posts
  6. You may include the number of followers you have (and their avatars)
  7. You may include or remove the header
  8. Click the Get Code button
  9. Copy the code
  10. Go to your WordPress site and log in
  11. In the dashboard under Appearance select Widgets
  12. Drag and drop a text widget into the sidebar
  13. Viola!

Facebook Developers Social Plugin | Like Box to WordPress

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Facebook Like Box | How to Add to WordPress