Sometimes the coolest things are the simplest.

One of those things is inserting your company logo as an icon at the beginning of your browser string or URL.

And it's surprisingly easy to do.

Well, according to our multi-talented technical search guy, (Shout out to Wisam) it's really easy.

In fact it can be done in four, count 'em, four easy steps.

1. Get a copy of your company logo in Gif or JPEG format
2. Use a tool like to generate the favicon.ico
3. Upload favicon.ico to the root directory of your site
4. Insert the following

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon">

between <head> and </head>

And viola! There you have it.

A vanity DIY project, perhaps. But branding is a part of your every Internet day and anything that can be done to create brand awareness should be done, no matter how big the company.

~ The (SEP) Guy

PS - Point 4 was courtesy of Wikipedia.