It's Search Engine Strategies conference time in New York this week.

And on the heels of the three day search conference, Jupiter Research states that:

A full quarter of 26% of large advertisers in companies with annual revenues of $50 million or more plan to increase spending on search engine marketing by more than 25% this year.

according to Gavin O'Malley of Online Media Daily.

PS - If ever you want an interesting conversation about search and search spending and retail, have a chat with Patti Freeman Evans, a Jupiter Research analyst.

In all seriousness, not news. With Google this and Google that in every second headline, it shouldn't come as a surprise that companies and advertisers alike, large or small might actually be looking into this new concept of search engine marketing. (I think it might really catch on!)

What is interesting about the article are the comments at the very bottom of the article which you should read for yourself.

I will say this much: If I was the CEO of an advertising agency with plans to spend up to 25% more on search marketing in the next year, I'd have 100% of my creatives in the boardroom with explanations regarding why they don't care.

Have a good, and creative, one.

~The (SEP) Guy