Ms. Dewey is a frontend to Microsoft Live Search (and is produced by Microsoft).

It contains over 600 actions which were filmed over a 3 day period.

Some actions are chosen at random, some are based on specific words; a little bit of an Easter Egg principle.

We, the female staff, caught the SEP guys doing extensive research (...) on how to get Ms. Dewey to say what. While they're now back to *serious* work, here's there list.

  1. Make Ms. Dewey think you're a sensitive guy
    Easter egg: dance
  2. Make Ms. Dewey dance like a robot
    Easter egg: robot dance
  3. Think you can have Ms. Dewey do the chicken dance?
    Think again.
    Easter egg: chicken dance
  4. Birth control pills or breath mints?
    Easter egg: pregnancy
    "Honey, have you seen my birth control pills?"
  5. Is Ms. Dewey "all natural"?
    Easter egg: Michael Jackson
  6. Make Ms. Dewey flip out and swear
    Easter egg: yo mama
    Can also be triggered with: ghetto
    "... ghetto fabulous m<beep>f<beep>..."
  7. Ms. Dewey's political aspirations
    Easter egg: George Bush
  8. Are you tripping yet?
    Easter egg: illegal drugs
    "If these walls could talk..."
  9. Ms. Dewey misunderstands "extreme" sports
    Easter egg: sports
    Can also be triggered with: games
  10. Ms. Dewey doesn't care about professional athletes until...
    Easter egg: Peyton Manning
    "I'll start caring about professional athletes when..."
  11. Have Ms. Dewey check out your MP3's and potentially rat you out to your friends
    Easter egg: iPod
    "I've checked out your MP3 collection..."
  12. Ms. Dewey and time to get naked?
    Easter egg: Angelo Sotira
    "It's time to get naked..."
  13. Ms. Dewey's Hollywood prediction and her own predicament
    Easter egg: Jessica Simpson
  14. Mistaken identity or political statement? You decide
    Easter egg: Tony Blair
    "...if I dress like a man..."
  15. Make Ms. Dewey play a video game
    Easter egg: Halo
  16. Ms. Dewey shows her amazing beer jug
    Easter egg: beer
  17. Learn the basics of life from Ms. Dewey
    Easter egg: life
    "It's the same old story. Guys sees girl. Guy gets girl...."
  • Bonus phrases:

Type "television" to have Ms. Dewey wonder who does the TV ratings or what the Internet is if television is the opium of the masses.

Type "Google" or "Microsoft" to get a Ms. Dewey statement on geeks ("...underwear on your head..." ) or illegal software.