Office Depot's announcement of new mobile marketing services caught my attention today. These new services include the launch of a mobile store locator, RSS feeds, text message coupons and offers, and mobile sweepstakes capabilities.

I doubt anyone's getting exited about Office Depot RSS feeds on their mobile device and I'm not alone. According to Steve Levy, President of Market Research in Eastern Canada for IPSOS Reid, 27% of Canadian marketers agree that mobile marketing will be very important in the future with 9% indicating they are practicing it now.

One way of getting excited is by hearing about successful Mobile advertising strategies, so I decided to search for case studies and came across this excellent post by Karerina Khudolenko about the success of a Mobile advertising strategy that was employed by Coca-Cola.

Titled 'Soundwave', the campaign ran from May 1- July 19 in Greece. The campaign achieved a remarkable participation rate per consumer of close to 3 times the European market average! 'Soundwave' got more than 100,000 unique users and over 700,000 messages were received. These are outstanding numbers considering the population of Greece is just over 10 million people!

Mobile Marketing Ad Coca ColaMobile Marketing Ad Coca Cola

The campaign's success was no doubt secured by a strong brand, simple concept and quality prizes. It's an obvious winner, so being cynical by nature, I searched for more and found the following examples of interesting mobile marketing campaigns:

Client: Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Hong Kong