us-dollars.jpgLoonie Surpasses the US Dollar

The falling US Dollar is certainly affecting more than just Americans, with its effects reaching far and wide into both the online and offline realms. With the Greenback being the most preferred currency for all transactions online, you can certainly expect changes in sales and demand in online businesses, as well as any revenue you generate online.

A Tale of Baguettes and Tears

There's two sides of the coin to this story, and while is rather rosy, our's is almost as bleak. While some of us are rushing off the States for a weekend shopping spree, others shall be working hard to recoup their losses in online revenue. A bit dramatic perhaps, but our Canadian exporters will surely share in lamenting this fluctuating dollar.

Let me digress - It's been 31 years since the Canadian Dollar hit parity and then surpassed the value of the Greenback, and while I rejoice in the strength of Canada's economy, I cannot help but think how much less my Google Adsense check will be worth this time around. If the trend continues, I might just accept ad revenue in Candian Dollars instead of the Greenback. In fact for the first time ever, I'm only accepting Paypal payments in CDN instead of USD!

The scenario is quite different on the other side of the Atlantic though, with European markets contending the US Dollar with a strong Pound and Euro. As covered by Pablo Palatnik of Search Engine Journal, this certainly opens up more attention towards Affiliate Marketing in Europe.

Micro Vs Macro Markets

For smart affiliate marketers in Canada and in Europe, this provides a strategic advantage in earning greater online revenues through international affiliates like Primary Ads, Ad Jug, and CPA Empire. This can lead to detoriation in our own domestics affiliate market, because the current foreign exchange situation won't last forever. It is important to consider that there is only short term benefit to an individual in switching over to international ad networks, grossing income in currencies stronger than the US Dollar.


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