Being an employee at SEP pretty much makes you an instant celebrity - let's be honest here, we're kind of a big deal. However, a few of us resemble some Hollywood stars and famous athletes, and they often get confused with the real-deal while out in public. Here are some of our favourite's:

Craig vs. Robbie Alomar

Craig vs Alomar

The photo above is really confusing. I know it's hard to figure out who the real Robbie Alomar is, but it's actually the guy on the left. The person on the right is SEP employee Craig. It's especially hard to go out in public with him, because the general public truly believes Craig is actually Robbie Alomar pretending to live a normal working at SEP. But it's not. It's Craig.

Brad vs. Ryan Miller

Brad vs. Miller

Here we have some more star-athlete confusion. To the left we have SEP employee Brad, and to the right we have SEP look alike Ryan Miller (goalie for the Buffalo Sabres). Ryan Miller must get so irritated when people come up to him and say "Omg! Brad from SEP! Can I get my picture taken with you, and an autograph?" Luckily for Brad, fans bother Ryan more than himself, so he can live a normal life.

Jennifer vs. Monica Seles

Jennifer vs Seles

Tennis player Monica Seles and SEP's Jennifer not only look alike, they both have a competitive edge. Aside from the appearance you also get similar personalities. That's a double threat. Let's just say if Monica needs a stunt double for a tennis match, Jennifer could step in and no one would know the difference. Now THAT'S a look alike we could all use...

Richard vs. John Salley

Richard vs Salley

If you catch Richard from SEP sitting down, you might have to do a double take. His uncanny resemblance to former NBA athlete John Salley just might catch you off guard. Richard may not have the height, but the face, and the smile are very alike!

Cara vs. Neve Campbell

Cara vs Campbell

What's your favourite scary movie? When you look like Neve Campbell that question could make you rich if you got a nickel every time you were asked that. Cara of SEP has a sense of humour, but it's still probably not a good idea to show up in the token Scream ghost costume when she's around.

Lindsey vs. Jane Krakowski

Lindsey vs Krakowski

Lindsey from SEP may look like Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock, but their personalities differ quite substantially. They both rock blonde locks, but Lindsey, being an SEP'er is super intelligent and quick witted.

Kareem vs. Chris Tucker

Kareem vs Tucker

Here we have Chris Tucker on the left, and Kareem from SEP on the right. Chris Tucker is famous for Rush Hour, Kareem is famous for his classic lines "No I
am not from Rush Hour", or when service is slow when he's out "Yes I am from Rush Hour". We think Kareem may be his stunt double, OR vice versus. Either way, there has to be some reasoning behind those smug smiles.

Who do you think resembles their celebrity look-alike the most?