Just yesterday, Google and the U.S. Small Business Administration launched "an exciting new partnership aimed at providing resources and tools that can help small businesses learn how to succeed online. Tools for Online Success is a website featuring videos and tutorials from small business owners who have used the Internet to grow their businesses, and advice from Googles experts."

Tools for Online Success

What is it?
The Tools for Online Success site is interesting, because it contains real life video examples of companies making online work for their small business. Its divided into many different phases of the 'getting online' process, so business can self identify which phase they are at, and delve in at the most relevant stage. The stages are:

    1. Establish Your Online Presence
    2. Display Imagery on Your Website
    3. Engage Customers With a Website
    4. Interact With Your Community Using Free Marketing
    5. Promote Using Free Online Marketing
    6. Educate Your Customers Using Free Marketing
    7. Grow With Paid Online Advertising
    8. Measure Results With Web Analytics

What does that mean for me ... a small or medium sized business?
Obviously the project is in its infancy, but it lends itself to much growth over the years. Currently, the videos appear to offer real value to most any small business owners. The site itself won't teach you to build your own web site, or become an expert in SEO, but it will provide;

    - reasons for progressing to each stage based on actual 'real life' company experiences
    - practical tips and takeaways for each business owner

The site may also help you evaluate the quality of work being performed by external contractors.

Ultimately, the very simply designed site can help small and medium sized businesses identify needs and opportunities they didn't know they had ... very powerful in my eyes! Great job Google and U.S. Small Business Administration. I do hope you continue to build it out over time though with more videos, and tips.