Like the title of the post says, I often wish I could hide this blog from prying eyes so that I could be more open about things. Unfortunately, we are all forced to live with some restraint. I am going to share a tip in a rather vague way here, but I will be happy to share the details if I know and trust you. And if I know and trust you, then you know how to get in touch with me. πŸ™‚


I acquired a certain type of link earlier this year, and noticed that having just a couple of them really gave a site a nice boost, in which rankings jumped from the 20's-30's up to top ten, then top 5, and finally #1 (all in about 3 weeks of time).

Pleased with those results, I acquired the same type of links for another site that also needed some rankings boosted. As before, the rankings went from top 20 to top 10 to #1 within a couple of weeks.

Pleased yet again, I once again acquired the same type of links for a third site, and the results were exactly the same.

To continue with the experiment, I've begun testing to see what happens if I lose those links. So far, after a couple of months of not having the links to the first site, I've only lost the rankings on Yahoo. Google and Live both kept the rankings, so either they haven't noticed that the links are gone, or they don't care.

After just one month of not having the links to the second site, the same thing has happened. Yahoo has just recently dropped the rankings, but the rankings are still holding in Google and Live.

I've only just recently begun testing the disappearance of the backlinks to the third site, and so far, there have been no drop in rankings. I expect to see Yahoo drop the rankings in another 2 or 3 weeks.

I wish I could share the type of link that was so effective publicly, but you all know how quickly that would be made ineffective once the search engine spies got wind of it. But again, if you and I are buddies (and I consider lots of you to be in that category), give me a shout and I'll share with you privately. However, keep in mind that if I see you turn around and share the info publicly, you'll never get another tip from me again, and I'll do my best to make sure no one else does either. (Oh, that little "warning" made me feel so mafia-esque. LOL).