Today's post has more to do with Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth than it does with search marketing, but then again, maybe not.

In my sojourns to yonder points on the web, I've run across some intriguing homepage content of late.

Take for instance Saffron Rouge an organic cosmetics company. I wasn't so much impressed by organic cosmetics (I don't use them) as I was by the little button beneath the Hacker Safe button that states: Saffron Rouge is 100% Wind-Powered. Walking the walk. Talking the talk.

And then, perhaps because I was more sensitized to it, I ran accross another web site with Bullfrog Power an Ontario 100% green electricity retailer.

The commitment to the environment is very, very cool and in and of itself, laudable but one has to wonder, is this also a new conversion tool.

It is, afterall, all about the user experience and being in a dialogue with your customer base that can extend beyond their immediates disposable income to their conscious or unconscious lifestyle choices.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy