How many times have I posted a link to a post or tool by Randfish (Rand Fishkin - I am not awake enough to go back through and count them all, but it has been a significant share of the links pointing out here at SEO Scoop. Why? Because I respect and admire Rand's thoughts, knowledge, and nifty-keen SEO tools. This morning, with only one cup of coffee in my system (which is not nearly enough), I stumbled across a Newsweek article featuring who else? Right there, in full technicolor (is that still a word?), is a pic of Rand and his mom, with a nice long story about him. (Hey, Mick is mentioned briefly in there too in his black hat!)

Major Kudos, Rand! I am suitably star-struck at the moment. I can still remember when Rand was just a little "fish" (pun intended) in the SEO world, and in a very short time, he has taken the SEO fishbowl by storm. I couldn't possibly be prouder of the little guppy (ok, enough puns now, where is that second cup of coffee, anyway?). Seriously, I just had to give a shout out to Rand this morning for becoming an SEO star.

Ooops, almost forgot to give the link to the article. Check it out at