The (SEP) Guy is writing this blog posting from home awaiting someone to come help get his car started.

Winter officially wins. Though it's been relatively short, it's been brutally brutal. So far, in five short weeks, The (SEP) Guy has slipped and hurt himself falling on ice; had his card snowplowed under; been forced to sleep on an airport floor after spending 4 hours snowed in on a runway. And now the car.

No amount of searching for warmer locales or warmer clothes from Mountain Equipment Co-op will help. Reports of the warmest January on record. Phhfffft.

The (SEP) Guy should probably not be surprised that there are blogs about the weather. There are. Like this one by Dr. Jeff Masters.

You might even think The (SEP) Guy might take some solace in discovering a blog about Tim Horton's. Meh.

The (SEP) Guy is mildly toying with the idea of a new car but in truth he's not mad at his old car, he's peeved with the Toronto Weather.

And right about now, a piping hot bowl of Groundhog Stew might just do the trick.


~ The (SEP) Guy