Pittbug blogs!

by Donna Fontenot December 9th, 2006 

I consider Reuben Yau, aka Pittbug, to be a PPC expert, so I'm excited to see that he has finally decided to start blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere, Reuben.

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3 Responses to “Pittbug blogs!”

  1. robert paulson says:

    I'm looking forward to reading his blog. Though I'd like to see him make a face for his blog pic that looks like his current avatar at SEORefugee.

  2. pittbug says:

    Hi Donna

    Thanks for the post :)

    RP: Good idea… there's nothing quite like putting a name to an avatar :)

  3. earlpearl says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog Reuben!