I love SEO tools. I check out every one that comes my way. Then, I tend to tell you about each of them. Today's gem is a free (for now) tool called SEO Spyglass. This thing has all the info you could ask for when researching your competition. Where they got their links, what the anchor text of those links are, what the PR of the page is, what the title of the page is, the age of the page, and tons of other great info. Not only that, but it has built-in reports to analyze all this information, and you can set up your own reports (really easily). I've looked at a lot of tools, and this is the best one I've seen of its kind. It's fast, easy, and packed with information. I've just found my new favorite SEO tool. And I don't have to pay for it. Woot! I'd suggest you download it while it's still free (and I have no idea how long that will be). But first, watch the demo of it. It really gives you a great idea of the power of this thing. Anyway, just had to pass along the info on this one quickly, because it's a good one!