There's no doubt that when writing blog posts quality is more important than ever. But sometimes you just need to get a post out today.

You might feel like you need to spend days researching and writing high-quality posts. Sometimes you may want to spend that time, but you don't have to for every post.

You can write a post that will satisfy your readers and the search engines, and finish it in less than a day. You can even get it done in an hour or two.

Finish Line

Here are ten types of blog posts that can be written fairly quickly and be high-quality, popular posts.

  1. List - Whether it's a list of tips, tools, or resources, lists are popular with both blog readers and authors. No matter what your topic, it's fairly easy to come up with a "top ten," "5 worst," "best of," or "favorite" list. Lists make well-organized, easy to scan blog posts.
  2. How-to - Do you have a clever way of organizing your desk or computer files? Can you do a week's worth of grocery shopping in less than 30 minutes? Are you particularly good at finding just the right theme for a new blog? From simple everyday tasks to more complicated technical ones, if you can break it down step-by-step, you can turn it into a quick blog post.
  3. Checklist - Write a printable list of tasks or steps to take to complete a project. For example, "what to pack for a weekend camping trip" or "an inventory of computer and Internet security."
  4. Review - Honest product reviews are popular with readers and if you choose a product that you are very familiar with, it is not difficult or time consuming to write about its pros and cons.
  5. News - Report any news about your industry or niche such as company openings and closings, management changes, new products, controversy, or special events.
  6. React - Was there a blog post, comment, Tweet, or Facebook status update that provoked a strong reaction from you? Blog about it.
  7. Re-purpose or Update - If you've been blogging for some time or have other older content, you can update it with new information or a fresh perspective to make a new blog post.
  8. Answer - Write a post that answers a frequently asked question you get from your readers or that you often see on social media or message boards.
  9. Ask - Ask your readers a thought provoking or practical question. Provide a little background about the question and invite them to answer via the comments section. Be sure to reply to commenters and add your own answer later on.
  10. Inspire - Share an inspirational quote, story, video, or image and describe how it affected you, or tell your own personal, inspirational story.

Write one each day over the next week and a half and you will have ten great new blog posts.