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I am leading ServiceNow digital localization strategy, overseeing processes and bringing teams together. My SEO, PPC, Analytics, Optimization and UX background assist with internationalization efforts of our corporate site.


SEO Localization Roles and Support Systems

Everything starts with planning and setting expectations and goals. I covered initial phase of website Localization in How to Plan Website Globalization & Localization post. By now, you should know your organization’s globalization mission and have a plan to support [...]

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How To Plan Website Globalization & Localization

Global economy requires companies to adapt web strategies to regional audiences. Globalization became a necessity, a strategy to make wider audiences understand your product, brand, message, website, offer. Progressive companies not only translate their website content in many languages, [...]

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Setting Processes For An Enterprise

Getting things done in a large company can be complicated. It does not matter if you manage just SEO or responsible for the whole site; if you just joined a global company or contracting for one. You will need to [...]

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How Conversion Paths Work

  There is no way to tame your visitors. They will not obey your rules. They will not follow the path you laid out for them. They will make their own paths, they will use as many devices they want [...]

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What To Avoid In A Web Developer

I love web developers. I love working with web development teams, I love arguing about strategy and solutions, I love that we speak the same language. I feel connected, comfortable, and energized talking implementation, solutions, and use cases. I work [...]

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15 Quick Ways to Check The Health of Your SEO Program

  If you are running an SEO program, you are in for a long haul. Sometimes, it takes from 6 months to a year to see a slight improvement in online visibility attributable to SEO efforts. You do not need [...]

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