The holiday season presents is an opportunity to produce some unique and engaging social media content. A well-planned seasonal content marketing campaign can go a long way toward driving traffic and followers to your social media channels and website. In order to incorporate the holidays in your company's campaign, try the following ideas and tips.

1. Christmas Brand Image

Before you start sharing seasonal content, the first step is to make your company's social media profiles are holiday themed, according to Sendible. Changing the background images on your digital assets and social media sites will let people know that your company is ready for the holiday season. Seasonal profile pictures and backgrounds serve as an introduction for the holiday-themed content you will be posting.

2. Facebook Competition

Holding a holiday Facebook competition is a great opportunity to engage people on your site and to create some seasonal content. Encouraging people to submit their favorite holiday images or answer trivia questions are examples of fun competitions that you can post on your company Facebook page.

3. Seasonal Twitter Hashtags

Creating a holiday hashtag is a strategy that will encourage conversation on your company's Twitter account. These hashtags should be unique to your organization and make a seasonal reference. Sendible offered the example "#MyStoreNameChristmasGifts" as a possibility that would start a conversation while simultaneously pointing to your company's products or services.

4. Holiday Tradition Discussions

Inquiring about people's favorite holiday traditions is another way to spark discussion between your organization and potential customers. This idea works particularly well on Facebook due to the "comments" feature but can also be used as Twitter content. Asking about favorite holiday songs and whether or not people tend to procrastinate on Christmas shopping are examples of this strategy, as cited by Social Media Today.

5. Daily Prize Drawing

Offering free daily gift giveaways will entice people to come to your Facebook page or Twitter profile and engage with the content. For example, for each of the 12 days of Christmas you could randomly select one winner out of the individuals who liked a Facebook status.

6. Employee Features

Daily or weekly employee highlights make for very personalized and engaging social media content. They offer people an inside look at your organization and make it easier for people to relate to your business. You could create blog posts highlighting each employee's favorite part of the holiday season or offer the same information via a Facebook status. Regardless of the platform this content is a nice addition to a seasonal campaign.

7. Virtual Office Tour

If your office is decorated for the holidays, then images of the office dcor can be turned into engaging social media content. This will have an effect similar to that of employee feature content as it will help to develop the connection that people feel to your business.

8. Holiday Tips and Tricks

Giving people advice for enjoying the holidays is something that can be accomplished on multiple platforms. Blog posts about great gift ideas and YouTube videos demonstrating how to cook a holiday recipe are popular examples.

9. Facebook Ads

The holidays are an ideal time to experiment with a Facebook ad. Given the nature of the season, there are plenty of interesting themes and ideas that can translate into engaging advertisements for your company.

10. Hidden Offer Codes

Hiding an offer code within a YouTube video is a great way to convince people to view your content. Holiday-themed YouTube videos with hidden offer codes will spark interest and encourage content sharing, as cited by social samosa.

11. Set Goals

Setting specific goals for your content marketing campaign will ensure that your strategy is aligned with what your company wishes to accomplish. For instance, if you want to promote holiday sales, then your content should focus on those deals.

12. Schedule Monitor

Creating a monitoring schedule for your social media will ensure that you don't miss out on important conversations during this busy time of year. Creating a brilliant content campaign and then failing to continue the conversation would be counterproductive.

The holiday season is a great time to raise awareness for your company's brand image and to inject some lighthearted content into marketing campaigns. In order to leverage the holiday season on social media, consider the aforementioned tips and ideas.