So you've earned a conversion through a kick-ass landing page - congrats! But, if you think that's where it ends, you're sadly mistaken. You turned a user into a buyer and now is the PERFECT time to push marketing ROI even more with landing page conversion optimization for confirmation/thank-you pages! That's right folks, a thank-you page is no longer just a thank-you page.

Its time you had the upper-hand and dominated your competition. I can tell you that there are an infinite number of websites with useless confirmation or thank-you pages out there that end the engagement with a simple "thanks!..." We want to ensure that those customers who just spend their hard-earned money aren't just happy with our products and service, but that we continue the relationship through re-engagement and most importantly, keeping your business top of mind. You've got their attention, now let's engage it.

So Where Do I Begin?

1. Show Them Value

Whatever you're going to offer must be valuable and worth showing. They just spent a chuck of their precious time browsing your site and going through the check-out process, you'll need something that'll get them amped again. Incentives and freebies are a great place to start.

2. Keep It Simple

Dumb it down to the basics - just a few clicks. Signing up for emails or a loyalty program should really only be a click or two. One call-to-action on a confirmation/thank-you page is required and it shouldn't ask for much.

3. Be Relevant

Your next step should be relevant to the completed purchase. A visitor came to your site with a specific aim and action in mind, so your call-to-action needs to mirror that same thought path.

How Do I Get Customers To Re-engage?

1. Offer Discounts/Coupons

And so the remarketing begins! E-commerce sites can offer customers 10% off for a second purchase within the next 30 days or up the ante by offering 15 or even 20% off if they make a purchase within the next 30 minutes! Give them an offer they can't refuse.


2. Email Marketing

Be willing to offer a weekly flyer with upcoming discounts and deals. Think of them as friendly reminders and refrain from email blast overload that'll send your emails to their junk. This is your chance to forge relationships that lead to repeat customers, and repeat customers are happy customers that share their experiences with other potential customers.


3. Social Sharing/Following

Tons of sites ask customers to follow or share them via Twitter/Facebook without a good reason. Think of shoppers as children; you'll need to bribe them with an incentive for doing so. For example, offer a $10 credit for each person they bring to your site through Twitter who converts.


4. Loyalty Programs

If you offer a loyalty program/club points system, this is primetime for asking visitors to sign up with only a click. Confirm via email and setup a password for later is a wonderful option.


5. Related Content

Offer up the latest content pieces - eBooks, blogs, whitepapers, webinars, etc. The person is trying to engage with your website, let's keep them there.


6. Related Products

Try to recommend complementary items instead of replacements. "If you liked _____, you'll love this!" or "Continue Shopping". Amazon is great at using this tactic!


Keep in mind that you're more likely to gain success by pushing for engagement rather than a second sale. Those who are choosing to convert enjoy your company for a reason. Foster these relationships by giving your customers easy and valuable ways to engage and watch how it drastically cuts down on the time it takes for them to return and convert again!