Diversify by LendingMemo

Are you solely focusing on that #1 spot? Are you constantly searching Google for your core service or product terms and seeing where you rank? You might be addicted to rankings!

But Google constantly changes. With hundreds of updates and algorithm changes a year there is no set in stone guarantee: day to day your rankings can change. And if youre that focused on being number #1, you may be more willing to use drastic SEO practices. That in turn can lead to a manual penalty or an automated filter taking your site off the face of the Google planet.

Instead, here are 3 safe & long term ways to diversify your SEO strategy:

1) Expand your horizons on search terms or queries.

Longer tailed search terms can bring your website new traffic that might not have been coming through on basic service terms like plumber.

People search differently and are now looking for more specific things such as commercial plumbing contractors for example.

You can work on attracting this longer tailed search traffic with content.

2) Content.

Adding fresh and new content to your site can help to increase your visibility on Google while at the same time attracting new visitors. This new content could include very specific service or product pages or blogs.

Blogs can allow you to show that you are the expert in your field by offering helpful tips, answering people questions and generally being an authority figure in your industry.

Using keyword research and focusing on longer tailed keywords that have search volume, can help increase traffic and attract those who are ready to buy.

3) Social Media.

Having your company actively engaged on social media websites gives you another avenue to represent yourself online. Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever it may be, you can connect with new, existing and potential customers on a more informal platform, even one on one. Actively sharing and posting interesting and engaging content can help drive visitors to your website and learn more about who you are as a company.


Your SEO strategy cannot solely focus on rankings. Instead, diversify your online strategy using different tactics to help drive traffic and sales to your website. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket and focusing on risky tactics to make your website rank, diversifying your strategy online will help your business grow with a safer long term solution.