5 Reasons You’re Having a Hard Time Getting More Leads

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Most businesses today have websites with the intent of converting visitors to leads. When it comes to SEO and SEM campaigns, we see a lot of clients placing emphasis on increasing and improving traffic to their websites and rightly so. However, that is just one part of having a successful online presence. To improve the amount of leads a site generates, there needs to be an equal focus on website performance as well. Here are 5 reasons why your website may not be providing as many leads as it could.

1. Branding

It sounds like it shouldn't be an issue, but surprisingly there are many websites that don't clearly communicate who they are or what they do. With all the eye movement studies available online, we know that placing your logo in the upper left hand corner on every page of your site is the best way to promote your brand and immediately let a visitor know they are in the right place when they are searching for you or your services and land on your website.

2. Outdated Website

Most users today expect a certain level of quality and professionalism in the sites they visit. Especially if they will be looking to connect with a business through their website, so it's important to have a website that not only looks nice, but is active. Too many companies have spent big budgets on just the aesthetics of their websites while giving little attention to updating their content. Periodically adding fresh content or weekly blogging not only helps from a user perspective, but from an SEO one as well.

3. Call To Action

In order to get visitors to take action on your website, you need to ask them. Too many websites have their contact action buried in with the rest of the navigation when it needs to stand out. Any inquiry form or phone number needs to be prominent on every page of the website if you want it to convert well and generate more leads.

4. Asking Too Much Too Soon

While it's critical to have visible calls to action on your website, you also need to careful in regards to what you are asking for. Generally when it comes to an inquiry form submission, keeping the form brief and asking for a few key points of information is enough. Longer forms could lead to abandonment from the site and lost leads. Performing an A/B test on your website's form submission is a great way to determine what will perform better on your website.

5. Trust Factors

A lot of traffic to your website will include visitors who are looking for your services, but may not necessarily know who you are, so trust factors are essential. Easy ways to include trust factors are by displaying client logos, award badges and testimonials. Having this available to users who are unfamiliar with your brand can help lead them to better engage with your website.


Having great and consistent traffic come to your website isn't enough to have a successful site or provide a good ROI on your search marketing investment. Taking some of these easy steps could not only help visitors become more engaged with your site, but also provide more leads.

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