Today there are several ways to build a website. You could hire a web developer to hand-code it, or use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress.

Or you could use a website builder. Its a system that provides a plethora of ready-made interfaces and elements of design that enable you to create a site in no time. Its ok if you have negligible experience with programming; if you can point and click, you can make the most of a website builder.

Essentially, using a website builder significantly reduces the cost of creating a website. You forgo the initial cost of hiring a web designer. You get access to free graphics and stock images. And you can upgrade/tweak the entire look of your website at no additional cost.

But, in many cases, these site builders do not provide a custom domain or hosting. Since both are important to many, heres a list of 4 website builders that also provide domain & hosting:

IM Creator

im-creator-homepageIM Creator is a web-based content management system. Its propriety interface includes a lean set of tools for creating and launching a professional looking website in as little as an hour. The drag-and-drop visual editor enables the user to drag, stretch and reposition page elements with a click of a button.

IM Creator offers a unique and modern collection of designer-made templates, with the option of customization. you'll find templates for hotels, architects, personal sites, restaurant, web designers, portfolios, beauty, fashion and more. The user, alternatively, can create a design from scratch, as well. IM Creator also releases a new theme collection twice a year.

IM Creator offers a free plan with a subdomain and 50 MB hosting. Premium plans include a custom domain, a customized email account and unlimited hosting.


SquarespaceSquarespace offers a wealth of features in a unified platform where you can create professional websites. The noticeable features of this website builder include automatic image cropping and resizing, preset templates with customization, real-time statistics, integrated platform for blogging and Layout Engine page builder technology.

There are several templates in Squarespace and each of them can be customized according to your preferences. All templates include a unique responsive design for smartphones and tablets. The LayoutEngine technology places content elements in a grid, which is ideal when the user is rearranging images, videos and content.

Squarespace offers a free trial, but is essentially a paid service. A custom domain is available in the paid version and all Squarespace websites are powered by cloud hosting.


wixWix is a natural drag and drop editor. You can select images, content, slideshows etc. and place them wherever you want; the smart grid button accurately guesses how the user would like the elements to align.

Other features include unique website templates Google maps, video integration, contact forms, flash templates, static templates, animations, photo slideshows, RSS feeds and more. Wix is an SEO friendly website builder and it allows the user to add the nuances that enable fast search indexation.

Building a website with Wix is a free process, but you will have to purchase a plan for to get it published. All plans cost less than $20 for a year, and the price includes free hosting and custom domain connection. A 14-day trial is available to try the premium platform.


flazio1Flazio takes you through a visual website building process that doesn't need any development competence. Elements consist of essential and complex categories such as text boxes, menus, social network extensions and other elements.

CompStore is the area where you can add elements to your page. A dedicated team of developers make this a dynamic area, always adding new features and elements. Flazio is an SEO friendly website builder that enables the user to configure keywords and get the website easily ranked by search engines.

Flazio has a free plan with a custom domain and 200 MB hosting. The paid plan includes a custom domain and unlimited hosting.

What is your favorite way to create a website? Feel free to leave comments.