5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Money

Sometimes when we get caught up in a project, it can be easy to turn a blind eye to common mistakes. When it comes to your website, mistakes are definitely something you'll want to avoid. Especially obvious ones. That's why we've created this infographic to help you identify 5 digital marketing mistakes you could be making right now and why you should avoid them.

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The 5 Mistakes

1. Ungated Content

You know the old saying, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? In this case, replace 'cow' with 'your product' and milk with 'content.' Not gating your content is a huge missed opportunity to gather information on prospective leads and customers. Downloading your content shows interest in your business but if you don't get a way to contact them in return, how are you going to tell them about how great your business is?

2. Not Having A Get A Quote Page

Let me give it to you straight - not having a get a quote page = HUGE MISTAKE. Just because the page says get a quote, you don't have to hand over all the juicy pricing details up front. Use a form to gather information about the prospect and reach out to them afterward to see how serious they are before you start talking numbers. Having the option to get a quote can put you ahead of your competition and help better guide the prospect down the funnel.

3. Bad CTA Placement

Bad CTAs (too much text, too sales-y, too flashy) are one thing, but bad placement of them is a whole other ball game. Do you really need three CTAs on one page? Not unless you want to confuse your visitors. Sometimes, subtlety is key. Use content offer CTAs on pages that are related to that content. After all, if they've navigated to that page to begin with, they've already shown interest in that topic - why not casually drop a hint on how they can learn more?

4. Not Having Unique Landing Pages

If all your CTAs lead to the same page, you could have a huge mess on your hands. This mistake makes it much harder to decipher what action your contact took to land on that page, the success of your CTAs and how you should be nurturing them later on. Each landing page should have unique content to convince that prospect that they need what you are giving away and you just can't do that using one page.

5. Using The Same Thank You Page

It might seem easier to have one generic thank you page to send all your leads to, but more importantly, it's a huge mistake. A thank you page is a great opportunity to further market your business. Use CTAs related to the previous landing page to nurture the lead further down the funnel. Include links to your social accounts or recent blogs to build trust. Show the lead that you've got your ducks in a row, building their level of confidence in your business and convincing them that you know what you're doing.

But don't worry. If you think you're guilty of making any of these mistakes, don't panic - they can be easily remedied. Do a quick assessment of your website. If you see any blunders just have them fixed - it's as simple as that.


About the Author: Kari Clarkson

Kari is a Marketing Automation Specialist at Search Engine People. Her background in English and journalism inspires her to expand her experience in the fields of publishing, marketing and communications in a way that can help her continue to explore the digital world.

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