9 Content Conversion Tips


We all know that we need useful content publishing for better SEO. According to this study content marketing generates approximately 3 times the number of leads than traditional marketing does.

“Content marketing is all that is left.”

-Seth Godin

After having developed some great content, one has to have some effective conversion strategies to ensure that the desired leads are flowing in.

Here are some tips that can help in getting a consistent level of conversions from your content marketing efforts:

1. Content Works In The Long Run

In the short run, conversions from content are a tough task.

  • With consistent efforts in putting up the right content and having your audience to grow in number is essential.
  • Once you start getting regular visitors on your web pages with quality content, you will see that the level of conversions is also improving proportionately.

2. Be Relevant

Understanding your target audience thoroughly is the first step to posting relevant content. Know exactly who you are writing for. Understand the gaps in the industry and what your audience is looking for.

  • Do your keyword research thoroughly with the help of tools like Google Keyword Planner.
  • Use tools like Buzzsumo to find the type of content that’s trending.
  • Don’t be overly promotional with your content.

If it’s a productivity tool you are marketing, you need to showcase yourself as an expert in productivity.

3. Know Your Sales Funnel

Study each and every move, your target audience is making, while buying the product. Use tools like Optimizely and Hubspot to get insights into the user behavior of your audience.


Source: Dragon Search

Here are some examples of what your prospects do before they actually buy the product or the service:

  • Researching for products online
  • Feature comparison
  • Price comparison
  • Finding the easiest way to get the best
  • Making the purchase decision
  • Recommending the product to peers

Once you study the sales funnel carefully, you start getting the content ideas that would strike a chord with the prospects. You need to give them reasons to convert:

  • How is your product better than others?
  • How does it add value to the needs and requirements of the users?
  • What is the best way to buy it?
  • What additional services are being offered?

Customize your content by carefully analyzing the user behavior and interest levels,

4. Headlines

Better blog post headlines will always fetch you more shares on your post.

  • Your copy provides that first impression to the audience, giving them an idea of what’s there for them.
  • Gather insights into what the target audience is looking for and then write a catchy headline that conveys the message clearly.
Source: Conductor

The headline should talk about the value addition coming from the content piece. Address the reader directly. Numbered list posts are a big win.

Here are a few examples:

  • 40 Tips To Double Your Startup Productivity In Six Months
  • 25 Killer Content Types To Boost Your Content Marketing

5. Option To Convert

Provide the users with an option to convert at the end of a fabulous content piece.

  • Find out the top performing content using Google analytics and create relevant call-to-actions for each piece.
  • Make use of newsletter subscriptions, free sign ups and content upgrades.

Brand messaging should not be force fitted into your content. Let your audience read the story, to get what they are looking for. Place the option to convert as a natural flow and not the prime motive.

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

-Craig David

Here is an interesting way you can add a pop-up in your top performing content:

Source: Neil Patel

6. Build On Existing Content

Your existing content is an asset for your business. Make the most of it.

  • Update existing content with value additions
  • Repurpose existing blogs to infographics, podcasts, presentations and videos.

7. Message Care & Attention

Make the customers feel that you care for them.

  • Besides providing information about who to reach out to, they also need to be assured that help is perpetually available.
  • A user visiting the site must be confident that any sort of trouble will be resolved, within the expected turnaround time.

Here is an example from Vimeo:


8. Introductory Video

Having an introductory video on the home page can really help improve the trust level amongst site visitors.

“Approximately 30% of the page visitors watch the introductory video and 50% of these watch it entirely.”

Source: Unbounce

  • The video can talk about the vision and mission of the business.
  • Tell the customers about the stringent quality standards and how the brand is committed to create value.

9. Email Marketing

Amplify your content efforts with email marketing to get more conversions:

  • Share the latest stories, videos, info-graphics and podcasts to newsletter subscribers.
  • Add a distinct call-to-action with a discount offer to achieve a quick conversion.


Content marketing can help you meet your business goals cost effectively. Make sure, your efforts are focused towards publishing content that adds value.

“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.”

-Niel Patel

Analyze the results for improving your content quality, relevance and conversion strategies on a regular basis.

* Adapted lead image: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by SarahCartwright

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