Tumblr teens

Recently I learned about Tumblr from my teenage daughter and thought I would share my thoughts here on this blog. The more I learn about Tumblr, the more I see it has everything. From the downright inspirational to the gutturally profane. Yup, Tumblr has it all.

Go figure The service now hosts 138.6 million blogs complete with a whopping 62.3 billion posts at the time of this article was written. Now thats a whole lotta humanity right there.

Naturally, such a giant is going to spur more than a little interest within the online marketing community. And with marketing comes statistics on who should or could leverage this growing platform.

So without further ado, here are some real standout tumblr facts:

  1. The average visit to Tumblr is 14 minutes, longer than Twitter or Facebook
  2. The average Tumblr user views around 67 pages per month