3 Social Media Success Strategies


Social Media is is a competitive place to have your content seen or shared by people. But once you get the inside information on how to use it, you will enjoy great success from your post.

But why not have success every time you post something? There are many strategies that famous social media pages use, and I will give you 3 of the best!

1. Every Social Channel Needs A Different Kind Of Attention

I know that many times we want to have an alignment when it comes to our publicity: like transmitting the same message, showing the same design, etc. so people know that every time they see the identity, it stays the same.

But this is social media. Social Media is not only changing all the time, but every channel is different.

Let’s look at Coca-Cola company and their activity on some channels. Pay attention!








Now that you looked at it, you know that every social media channel is treated in a different way. Instagram has mostly videos of the brand, Twitter has a short message that ends with a benefit for the consumer, and LinkedIn has a more formal approach, where Coca-Cola gives details about the plans and brand strategy they used.

  • Twitter - followers are looking for posts that are practical, short and relevant. Articles that are interesting for them, constant updates, and eye-catching titles are the ones they will click.
  • Facebook - followers are looking for items that deliver distraction, enjoyment, laughs, and are valuable at the same time to them. When you post on Facebook the first question you need to ask yourself is: “Will it be shared?” Will it be interesting enough for your followers that they will share it the moment they finish reading it?
  • Instagram - it’s all about the artwork. It has to be a pleasure to see. So they can like it, obviously.

Why is it important that every social media channel has different content?

Because each channel is different, with different layouts, formats, and a different audience. That fun item you shared on Facebook won't go over well with the more professional audience on LinkedIn...

2. Use A Call-To-Action

In a fantasy world, people will take the desired action of their own accord.

But we live on Earth. And on Earth, marketers have to use a clear Call To Action to prod people to take the desired action.

Use clear directives like "please share", "please retweet", "share with your friends", "click to like", etc.

3. Form A Social Community

Sure, staying in touch with your followers doesn’t mean you post and they share!

Like in every relationship, everything has to be built on trust and communication from both sides. So don’t hesitate in building a trustworthy and long term bond with your audience.

Understanding the Social Media Ecology: A Honeycomb Framework

Your goal is to give your brand advocates, influencers, buyers, users, and followers, a place where they feel they belong. A place where they can share praise, ask questions, help and encourage each other.  Because their needs are your needs, so you should feed them.

About the Author: Romeo Man

Romeo is a Business Automation specialist. Get him on your side, you'll start attracting the right people and converting them to customers.


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