Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media gives 3 Super Bowl Style Strategies To Tackle Writing Blog Posts For Your Readers

There are more than 1.29 million blogs listed on Technorati alone. In 2010 there were more than 1.5 million regular bloggers. That number must have grown. So, it may be fair to say that every topic has been written about.

But with billions of people in this world, and the web a massively huge field to play on, people are still searching for credible sources and quality content.

So the question then becomes, How do bloggers go determine if they write for beginner or expertor some level in between?

Tight End To Wide Receiver

My blog topics come from:

  • Questions posted on my Facebook page.
  • Questions tweeted to me on Twitter.
  • Inquiries via Email.
  • Situations I observe in the real world.
  • My own curiosities.

Yes, there are occasions when I find a new social network that I want to know about, or there is an online tool that I want to be more familiar with, and I research and test. Many times, I share that information in a post because I know it will be helpful to my readers.

When a question comes to me, I answer in as much detail as I can in terms my readers would likely understand, linking to new terminology, if available. Any writers goal is to be the credible source, so I will offer details of steps to follow next, or recommended other sources in taking the topic to the next level. Usually, I am fielding the most basic to the intermediate. Perhaps similar to a Tight End on the football field.

Occasionally I will pass off to an expert, for a quote or a guest post and let them carry readers through to a topic touchdown, much like a Wide Receiver.

In my opinion, bloggers should be very audience-centric.

But dont just take my word for it

First And Ten

Heres what Peg Fitzpatrick, a Front Lineswoman for 12 Most has to say:

"I pick topics that interest me and that are fresh. I really like new products and BETA everything so I like to try new things & when I like them I share the wealth. I read a lot of blog posts and check out lots of websites so I am familiar what is out and about. If you have a different slant on a topic, then create it but credit any sources that you use properly. If I have a great idea I go for it! Part of the writing process for me is the planning and I usually have the whole concept laid out prior to writing.

I usually write for beginners focusing on the posts that I wish I had read when I started out. Or alternatively, I try to share something new so everyone is a beginner. It makes me happy when I know that someone learned something from a post I wrote or thought more about a situation more deeply. My goal is to add value when I blog and to my readers.


Christian Hollingsworth, Quarterback for Smart Boy Designs, advises this:

First, identify the audience you seek to attract to your blog. Do you cater to the expert small business owner? Are you writing posts for folks just stepping into the frigid SEO waters? Once youve identified your intended audience youll have a clear understanding at which level you should be writing posts.

Some blogs want to attract the entire spectrum of knowledge levels within a certain topic. I do. If this is the case then be sure to mix up your blog posts. I know successful bloggers who write a post for beginners on Monday, intermediate on Wednesday and advanced level topics on Friday. Its an effective way to share the coupe with all manner of individuals

When writing a post for a specific skill level I often keep the following questions in mind before, while and after Im writing:

'What information would I have loved to know when first dabbling in SEO? Is there a specific tip or task my fellow contemporaries may not be aware of?

Am I pushing the boundaries of this professions most skilled thinkers?'

In short, be helpful and call those readers of specific skill levels out from the crowd. If you write it they will come.

There seems to be a theme:

First, consider the reader.

Fans In The Stands

Just like football play to the fans! Isnt that why the Super Bowl has a half-time show??

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media explains that writing blog posts for your readers is like playing to fans in the stands at a super bowl football game

Above are 3 super bowl style strategies to tackle writing blog posts for your readers.

What are your strategies?
Do you play to just one type of fan? Or do you play to all?

Image Credits: NFL Football Player, dascoop. Black Eyed Peas, Celebuzz.