Five tips that guarantee to keep your readers interests at peak level!

Offer an e-course

If you focus on exactly what your readers want, then creating an e-course for them is a great way to boost their interests. Focusing on content that is specifically orientated around what they want, will keep them coming back much more than if their reading your blog and find a good blog post one week and a bad one the next. Offering an e-course can also be used for opt-in email capturing and lead on to

Create a huge mailing list

Your mailing list is the true potential behind your marketing.

Offer something of quality and bring back their interests.

The more backend tips you provide that isnt published on your blog as well, the more your readers will want to keep on clicking those emails to find out more; which will also boost their interest levels!

Start a competition

Things look a bit bored on your blog; then why not start up a competition?

With prizes right in the middle for your followers to win, there is certainly going to be someone out there who will battle it out to win them. Youve just improved your readers interests.

People always are more interested in something if they have a slight chance of winning or there is some amazing prize involved.

Find those killer old blog posts

I bet on your blog, there are those blog posts that really did a killing. When you published them, they managed to receive 100s or 1000s of reads and went viral everywhere. So what happened there?Review those old blog posts and find out what made them special. If you can manage to recreate the same effect again by publishing a post that is similar to those previous ones, your followers should be interested again.

And of course while at it, don't forget to repurpose those killer posts in new summary or list posts!

Interview your readers

A surefire way to boost reader interests.

When you interview and publish these interviews on your blog they not only give your followers a reason to keep visiting in the hope that they will also be given the opportunity to be featured " but those features will also send a bunch of people to your blog to see themselves be interviewed! Interviewing your readers also shows that you truly respect them and dont just treat them as something for granted.

What's a simple trick you have up your sleeves to pique the interest of your readers?