google cloud print

To get started with Google Cloud Print, a Google's new mobile printing service, you need only to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print. Once the two are connected you can choose to print from your Android or iPhone browser quickly and easily. The document you want to use will then be printed seamlessly and will be waiting on you when you arrive. Your computer does need to have Google Chrome installed and its mobile print connector enabled for the printer connection to work, but other than that the process is rather simple.

HP ePrint offers a similar option, but it is much more limited in its scope and application. With HP ePrint, you have to have an HP printer for one thing. Google Cloud Print can work with any printer hooked to the Google Chrome printer connector. HP ePrint requires you to print any document to their servers and then retrieve a code. With Google Print Cloud, you sync up and are ready to go. The two services are worlds apart in their ability to make your life mobile. Google Print Cloud is currently in a class all to itself.

Google Cloud Print will be a popular choice among those folks that are constantly on the go. Say you left the office early one day and needed to print and send an important proposal to a superior at the office. Simply head into Gmail mobile, click on the print option, and the proposal will print right up at the office for them. Google Cloud Print is not limited, however, to executives. Many people will enjoy being able to print up things at home from a distance. Imagine coming home to your vacation photos, already printed and ready for your perusal when you get there. Google Cloud Print has unlimited potential in both the private and business sectors alike.

Google Cloud Print is live and ready to go when you are ready. Simply head over to the Google Cloud Print help page to see the details and get started.

What This Means For You

Focus on:

  • Mobile: besides a necessary part of their upcoming Chrome OS, Google Cloud Print makes tech life easier for people on the go in general. The "email to my desktop,click the URL and then print it out" path is shortened; the role of the PC pushed back.
  • Content: keep building quality content as Google keeps putting tech in place to measure the types and levels of engagement with it
  • Encourage & Enable:encourage sharing,enable engagement. Make sharing, sending, printing, quoting, etc. all as east as possible