My post on 5 Unique Ways to Make the Google Bot Your Best Friend attracted quite a bit of attention and a fair number of comments, which I'm really happy about. One of the strategies that I discussed in particular was using WordPress's built-in pinging features to ping a large number of pinging services every time a blogpost is posted.

Quite a few people requested this list of pinging url's and I figured that it'd be a great resource to refer to (read: bookmark this on del.ic.ious!). So here you go folks: 67 unique url's to pingdom glory 🙂

A word of caution though - Make sure you only use the pinging resources that are relevant to your site. It's best to run the list through a dedicated pinging service first to see how many result in a successful ping. This should be done to prevent any broken track backs.

I'd would no-follow these links, but that'd take too much time! Enjoy 🙂