6 Ways QR Codes Can Close Sales & Delight Customers

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QR codes are being underutilized. Many products feature them; most of them get it wrong. You don't direct your PPC traffic to a generic page, so why do you direct your QR code to a generic page? QR codes are great for two things: helping to close a sale and delighting your customers. If they are not being utilized for one of those purposes they are not worth the ink required to print them. If you find yourself drawing a blank on how to utilize a QR code effectively you are not alone. Fortunately we have found 6 creative QR code uses that will be worth your effort.

1. The Pitch Person

Some products regardless of packaging quality require a visual pitch. I wouldn't have a jumbo tub of OxiClean in my laundry room if Billy Mays had never shown me the incredible stain lifting powers of oxygen. If your product requires a visual boost consider adding a "watch it in action" QR code. How effective can it be? Next time you have the opportunity to purchase fireworks stop and watch how many people are scanning QR codes to see what happens after they light the fuse.

2. Movement Marketing

Movement marketing is growing in popularity. Several years ago people didn't care where their food came from. I used to go to the store and buy the biggest and brightest tomato of the lot no questions asked. Now the farm to table and 100 mile movements have made their way into grocery stores everywhere. If your product fits into a movement that can affect buying behavior use a QR code to prove it. Consider linking to a farm profile or even better individual farm employee profiles.

3. Social Proof

Trust signals have a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions. More and more consumers are relying on consumer reviews and social activity to determine the quality of a product. If you are a roofer with outstanding HomeStars or Angie's List reviews consider adding a QR code to the lawn signs you put out front of completed projects and your local flyers that link to your page. Give potential buyers the opportunity to hear how good you are from past buyers.

4. Charitable Causes

Linking your brand to a charitable cause can help to drive sales. Typically a logo of the charitable cause you support will work; but why not take it one step further. Prove the value you put into the cause. Use a QR code and direct potential consumers to a running tally of donations or send them to a video that shows your employees volunteering their time with the charitable organization. Humanize your brand and your efforts.

5. Assembly Instructions

Is Ikea reading this post? I sure hope they are. If you have a product that can be difficult to assemble a QR code can help save the day. Adding a QR code to product packaging that links directly to online instructions and/or an assembly video sure would delight your customers. Furthermore it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than providing grossly over descriptive paper instructions. Want to take it a step further? Why not show that customer some creative uses for the product....

6. Promote Creative Uses

Not everyone is as creative as you are. They may see your multidimensional product and only envision a singular use. Does your shoe rack also make an awesome wine rack? Maybe it is a great towel holder too or a creative office organizer. Unless your packaging is 10 times the size of your product you need some other method of promoting that creative use. Try creating a Pinterest board with those uses and provide a QR code link so that potential and existing consumers can check it out.

Putting It To The Test

Now that you have some ideas for your next amazing QR code remember to stick to the basics. Ensure that you track the URL. Are people visiting? If not it could be related to the CTA or QR code placement. If you have multiple products with similar packaging sizes and sales volume you could consider A/B testing against each other. Never set it and forget it. Keep the page up to date. Remember the QR code cannot change but the page users are directed to can. QR codes need to deliver on ROI just like any other marketing initiative.

You have probably already created the URL and generated a free QR code by the time you have hit this line. This last part should go without saying but just in case.... Make sure that the landing page is responsive or a mobile friendly landing page. Nobody scans a QR code with their PC.

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About the Author: Andrew Marsh

Andrew is an Account Manager with Search Engine People. He is passionate about digital marketing and traditional marketing (but to a lesser extent of course).

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