How Pinterest Place Pins Are Effective For Your Local Business

"Place pins were designed to combine all the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map and put it all online so you can share it with friends" - Pinterest

Need an easier way to plan your weekend getaway or a rendezvous in the city? Why not use Pinterest. Recently Pinterest has launched Place Pins - were you can pin pictures that are location based. These pins included addresses, phone number and even directions that work with Google Maps. Just like the traditional Pinterest, Place Pins can be shared with your friends and be accessed from multiple devices.

"Pinterest already has 750 million travel related pins on the site, with 1.5 million pins daily - this was a natural progression, a lot of pinners were already pinning boards around the vacations they're planning" - states Justin Edmund, Product Designer from Pinterest.

Pinterest Place Pins: Restaurant Example

Pinterest is now becoming a marketing channel for local businesses. Individuals can highlight hotspots in their particular neighborhood that they want to visit or have been already increasing visibility. Local businesses can curate pins for themed travel getaways, food trails within the city or a local shopping experience. Boards can be created to include upcoming areas, new locations, relevant business offers and contests - the possibilities are endless. Some great ideas for boards to generate interest and engagement for different industries include:

  • Travel Companies -Pin photos of all the great activities located along the coast. Such as golf, drive ins and water activities. Create your own west coast vacation.
  • Restaurants - Pin photos from your menu. Show consumers what you offer before they vow to go elsewhere. Experience the taste of the world without having to fly.
  • Education - Pin pictures of campus buildings and where their located on campus for first year students choosing Universities or Colleges. Experience the student life.
  • Ski Hills and Resorts - Pin photos of ski hills and summer activities that are available at resort. Create your own Winter Wonderland or Summer Escape
  • Hotels and Accommodations - Boards can be created by showcasing the best bed and breakfasts and hotels in the area. Pinning about services offered within the hotel/bed and breakfast - such as spa's, treatments and specialty activities (horseback riding along the coast)
  • Spas - Create boards that showcase products, treatments and specials - along with amenities at the facility.

Pinterest Place Pins: Ski Hills & Resorts example

An important factor with Pinterest is having compelling, rich and attractive pins to spark interest in the consumer. Having great pins makes the experience enjoyable and lends credibility to your business.

Campaigns with images have a higher click through rate then campaigns without - 42% higher

Pinterest's place pins allows your business to be easily found by locals in the community or travelers passing through the area. These new pins include your phone numbers, address, locations and directions - making contacting the desired business exceptionally easy. Potential customers can see exactly where your business is located using the integrated map powered by Foursquare. Increasing the consumer's enjoyment with the brand and overall customer's satisfaction with your online campaign.

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