Hmmmm.....Sometimes you find things when you least expect it. Like when you happen to be in a meeting, doing a sample search and find yourself standing bolt upright, pointing and exclaiming, "OHMYGOD WHAT'S THAT?!?!" noting, "hmmm, that's interesting", as I found myself doing this morning.

Google has gone a step beyond maps to introduce addresses directly into Adwords ads and apparently is running a small test sample.

Do I like it? I'm not convinced.

Is it functional? Perhaps a little.

Publishing the address directly in the Google ad is an interesting tactic, but as a tactician, I do have a couple of issues. Google is supposed to be a conduit, not the vessel in and of itself. Although for all intents and purposes it it suppose to endorse and fortify the search... (Aha, yes that's the one!) Could it not in fact truncate it? (Oh, there it is, I needn't bother going through to the advertiser.) Lost click value, lost customer potential.

And if an address, why not a phone number? Say, one generously supplied by Google. Say, for free.

And if Google owns the phone number, who owns the customer? Oh, says Google, let us do the order fulfillment for you... for free (at least in the beginning).

It's a stretch, I realize that but it does make you go hmmmm.

Again, Google is supposed to be the conduit, not the vessel.

Moreover, if the prospect or client leaves Google to literally trek into the store, where's the metric?

Hmmm. Me no like.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy