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Liz Farquhar is the Content Marketing Manager at PureCars.


3 Types of Conversion Driven Content

These days, content marketing is a commonly used tactic for marketers in different industries and verticals. One thing that is still missing from many content strategies is deliberate and consistent focus on conversions. While content creation is something that [...]

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5 Instant Content Creation Tips

Ask a marketing team what they struggle with the most and chances are good they'll say content creation. There's also good reason why creating content remains a major hurdle for marketing teams: it is always easier said than done. At [...]

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3 Ways You Can Use PPC To Boost SEO

Although similar in many ways, paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) are two very different beasts when it comes to digital marketing. Despite all of the SEO conspiracy theories floating around, there is no correlation between paid search and [...]

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