SEO target

There are numerous variables in the secret SEO equation for success, specifically relating to Google rankings. Businesses can launch aggressive link building strategies and think their SEO strategies are good-to-go. But, that's simply not the case anymore. Search algorithms have evolved and the rules behind creating a successful online presence have been revamped. For your business to succeed online, you must create a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes everything from SEO, social media and content creation. In the end, you want to make sure your customer base is having an enjoyable experience with your business online.

Going back to basic best business practices

As stated above, SEO has changed dramatically over the past several years. Today, SEO is best conceptualized as an important part of a comprehensive business plan rather than a standalone marketing tool. Giving a customer base an exceptional experience is the best way to influence the following factors that are commonly used by search algorithms to improve rankings:

  • Have social media campaigns take off. Having profiles on all social media platforms but not posting content regularly will hurt your online presence, rather than help it. Before you go and create profiles on Facebook, Google+ and other platforms, make sure you have a process in place to create quality content to provide to your customer base.
  • Customer loyalty can easily turn into brand advocacy. Independent brand advocacy can take many forms. It can range from giving a webpage a +1 to writing a blog post dedicated to a brand or business. Independent brand advocates can be highly influential when building links, building citations, and building a stronger marketing online marketing presence overall.
  • Love the locals. Local business listing services can also be an influential factor in search rankings. Basically, real people can write about the experience they had with your business. Remember, you'll want to have a strategy for dealing with reviews on these local business listings. While good reviews can have a positive impact on your rankings, negative reviews can hurt your business's online credibility. To learn how to create a powerful strategy to deal with those unwanted reviews, check out this post.


In addition to driving traffic to a website through many different available online marketing channels, think about how customers will react to business decisions. A major search engine guide would also include that search is increasingly impacted by social media on a large scale. Even without a Facebook business page or strong presence on other social media networking sites, social media influence is impossible to escape. Social media in general encompasses many more independent channels than most people readily think about. Social media at its core includes bloggers, forums on independent websites, YouTube, and chat rooms.

It all boils down to one comprehensive business strategy

The increased influence customer satisfaction has on SEO makes search rankings increasingly difficult. Due to the availability of big data from real people, search algorithms can be increasingly advanced. The end result is that business success or failure depends on a comprehensive strategy rather than a few really good elements. In other words, top site rankings and boosting ROI is all part of the same ball of wax. Remember, the most important thing to keep in mind for your online strategy is to make your customers' experience enjoyable. Provide them with beneficial content and make it easy for them to find you on social networks and search engines. D