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7 Tools to Help You Build & Optimize a Profitable PPC Campaign

Traditionally, companies have paid to advertise their products and services in locations where they can best reach their target audience. With the rise of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in recent years, many organizations have turned their attention to marketing their products online in a cost-effective and strategic way. Here are five simple but effective tools that can assist you in your PPC campaign builds and optimizations.

Google Analytics

This free tool can provide you with valuable insight on how visitors interact with your site and how you can continue to make your site user-friendly and accessible. It can measure sales, conversions, how long a user stays on a page and even the path they take to get to it. To quickly and easily pull data from this software, customized reports can be set up and even automated to be sent to your e-mail to save you time.

Google Trends

Before you begin building out an account structure for your advertising campaign, referencing this tool can be both time-saving and cost-effective. It gauges and predicts Google's audiences' interest on a keyword, over a period of time, in a specific region or country. Keyword trends can be filtered to show interest within a specific platform, location, time frame and category. Related terms are also displayed to suggest similar popular search terms that can be used for campaign build ideas.

Google Keyword Planner

Found under your Google AdWords account, this tool attempts to forecast traffic to your website given a list of potential keywords to add to your new and existing AdWords campaigns and ad groups. It can take into account your landing page, product category, location, language targeting, and more. The performance of these keywords, in the form of clicks, are also then provided depending on the cost-per-click range that is assigned to it.

Bing Ads Intelligence

As an extension of Bing Ads Editor, this free downloadable keyword tool provides advertisers with easy access to build and/or expand their campaigns. Based on historical traffic and audience behavior of Bing users, you can access the age and gender demographic information in which a specific keyword triggers an ad to be displayed on the search engine. You can then also make strategic and informed decisions on the keywords they bid on and their match types.

Google, Bing, And Facebook Desktop Tools

To improve advertisers' efficiency in creating, editing and managing a large number of campaigns, Google, Bing, and Facebook each designed their own offline platforms to allow users to quickly and easily make changes to their online advertising accounts. Although not all features have been made available through these tools, a number of them, including placement ads and sitelinks, have become included as they have evolved and developed. Listed below are a few unique characteristics about each device that are noteworthy as you begin working with them.

Google AdWords Editor

Bing Ads Editor

Facebook Power Editor