Beliebing in your SEO Campaign


Justin Bieber and SEO are two things you wouldnt regularly expect to see in the same sentence, much like hearing that chalk is in fact a delicious accompaniment to cheese.

Still, there is a lot we can learn from him, his name and the benefits it could have on your SEO.

If the mere sight of the name Justin Bieber hasnt already forced you to impulsively click back on your browser as if trying to escape from a horrifying nightmare, Ill explain how learning from the teen pop sensations domination on search results can enhance your Search Engine Optimisation.

It doesnt take an SEO-Einstein to realize Justin Bieber is popular across all search platforms and internet media, with him even being named Bings most searched person of 2011. But what would happen if Justin Bieber was a keyword?

Bieber Experiment

A recent experiment did just that and set up an SEO blog with Justin Bieber as its only keyword, using it in titles and each post throughout.

The next step was to work hard and publish various articles to be hosted on external sites that included the Justin Bieber keyword and a backlink to the initial Bieber-blog.

With the experiment-gone-SEO-campaign gaining speed with a larger footprint spreading across the internet; it began to rank higher in the search engines and of course, with so many people searching Justin Bieber and alternatives such as Justin Bieber blog, the site quickly began receiving traffic. (Most likely resulting in an army of disgruntled and let down Justin Bieber fans but a successful SEO campaign nonetheless).

SEO Takeaway

When applying this tactic to your own SEO campaign Im not talking about writing Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber over and over like an obsessed tweenage fan or updating your site with a dedicated Bieber-Feed, but instead knowing what keywords are most popular, which ones will work for you and then making them work wherever possible.

With the help of a professional SEO consultant and tools such as Google Analytics, you will be able find out which keywords in your line of business/area are the most popular and then begin optimizing for them. T

his can be done in many different ways but taking a leaf out of the Justin Bieber blogs book and having engaging content written that is optimized with your chosen keywords for both internal and external use is a great way to start. Doing this will raise your ranking and bring more and more traffic to your site as time goes on and as each article is published.

Social Lesson

Another platform that Justin Bieber dominates is social networking and in particular Twitter, with his name or something related to him being a seemingly permanent fixture in the list of trending topics. Many of these tweets or Twitter pages will include links back to certain websites - further raising their profile. Once again, Im not saying tweeting OMG. I LUV YOU JUSTIN BIEBER with a link back to your site is a good road to go down, but finding out what is being tweeted in your sector and giving your business more of a personality with tweets that are interesting and will be found through searches, can significantly widen your customer base.

You dont have to become a Belieber to enhance your SEO campaign, but finding something as popular in your line of business as Justin Bieber is with millions across the world and using it in the methods mentioned above week in, week out, could be the start of a whole new level of SEO success.

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