Which domain name you want depends on what you do. On how you make money online now and how you plan to make money online.

Are you producing? A producer or the producer?

Are you selling? A seller or the seller?

generic to brand(ed) venn diagram

generic vs branded sales channels & products


generic vs branded pro's & cons


Whether youre the producer or the seller, the name you pick is either what people want -- or what you teach them to be looking for. From buy-books-online.com to Amazon.com.


branded domain with generic on-pagekeyword-domain-name or brand-domain-name is a false dilemma. It pretends we can only go after one term, one thing: Either we have brand.com and can forget about buy coffee mugs traffic or we go with buy-coffee-mugs

You can easily have it all with brand.com as your domain name and your desired generic terms appearing on-page.

Whats your take on the whole brand vs. keyword thing?