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Trust is not at all earned at once. It takes months, even years, but your SEO campaign should constantly search for long-term investments more willingly than concentrating on shortcuts.

We frequently fall back on links too easy to obtain. But will those help  instil Trust with search engines and regular people?

Actual value seen by both real people and search engines constitutes a good recommendation. A reference where everyone who visits your link is already aware of what your website offers, even before seeing it.

Forget about NoFollow and DoFollow

When you are building Trust You don’t really need to look for nofollow or dofollow link attributes . The main thing is that you build links from highly respectable, quality and  topic pertinent websites. Becoming a reference in your niche requires effort.

Be picky with the websites that you are building links from. Pick out the ones that will increase Trust in you with both search engines and real people. Stay away from carrying out small time off-page SEO methods and just focus on obtaining authentic value from your links.

What about rich keyword phrase anchor texts?

As soon as your website ranks anywhere for your targeted keywords, it means that you are (becoming) relevant for that term.

What might be missing when you're (still) trapped on the second page or lower? Trust! Search engines just do not trust you enough.

You cannot convince search engines long term that you are relevant for a particular search term just by a large amount of spammy anchor text links directing to your website.

Optimal techniques for building trust

Publish a guest post

  • Create a list of authority sites relevant to your niche. Sites that have high Page Rank, high Alexa traffic rankings, high keyword ranks, excellent web design, and have an outstanding community.
  • Aim to get in touch with them and ask if you can write a guest blog post on their website.
  • Write an excellent article in which you can fully show off your proficiency about the niche, with the aim of gaining their reader’s trust and interest.
  • Write a strong call-to-action at each end of your blog post.
  • Talk about your brand name and ensure that it is included on your resource box as your external link.
  • Get in touch with their readers by blog comments as soon as your blog entry is posted on their site.

Link Bait for your great articles

  • You can opt to post it on authority blog sites or post it in your own site.
  • Write a great article! Talk about your secrets and mention your results so people see how your technique has impacted your site. These types of blog entries are typically around 1,000 words or more. It does not need to be overly provocative, just make sure that the content has usefulness to the readers.
  • Promote your blog post. Share it via social media networks, highly regarded forum sites, Q&A sites, high quality RSS feed directories, Facebook and social bookmarking websites.
  • Try to get other experts to read your blog post. Send it to them by e-mail if you are certain about your article and state their name to catch their attention. Just be certain that someone experienced in your niche reads it to increase the probability of spreading it to the whole community.
  • If the blog entry you have written is truly excellent and that you believe it will be of help to the entire community, then begin getting in touch with .gov and .edu websites to have that blog post included in their references. It would be best to look for a particular page in which your post will really go well with or possibly create an article with the sole intention of getting listed to .gov and .edu resource pages.

There are several different ways to build trust (free Reports and eBooks); the most important is to write great content which offers real value. If you build it and market it properly, they will come!

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