Time and time again we're putting the same argument forward in e-commerce conversations: "...because Canadians are loyal."

Still, it took us by surprise too that Canadians are almost twice as likely to change the colour of their hair (45%) than to change Hotmail address (23%).

Extremely long customer retention periods are the result, no doubt helped by the untransparent processes involved in switching away from Hotmail while bringing all your information with you.

62% of the Canadian Hotmail users have been with Hotmail for over 5 years.

The web-based email market is one that can count on very, very loyal customers.

Canadians use their Hotmail account as a sort of personal information manager or digital organizer in which they also archive important documents and photos.

Probably partly because of that a whopping 84% of Hotmail users indicate they keep one web-based account throughout job changes, relocations, ISP switches, etc.

Canadians -- it's good to get to know each other.

* data powered by Ipsos market research