This week's cartoon is dedicated to Mona Elesseily (of PageZero Media), who has been pushed dangerously close to the edge trying to put the finishing touches on a 100-page report titled

Mastering Panama

Now, finally she's through the last mile of layout and copy-editing stuff ... and as we all know that last 20% takes 80% of the time and effort. As I understand it ... Mona is exhausted. Its rumoured that she joked about wandering over to the Lion's Gate Bridge (I can only suppose what for). I'm guessing that a number of other industry writers such as Bryan Eisenberg, Cat Seda, Shari Thurow, and Mike Grehan can identify with Mona's state of mind! Walk her over it everyone! Apologies did I say "over"? I meant "through". Perhaps a few congratulatory drinks in San Jose are in order, maybe even a small informal "book launch" party with champagne. I understand that Andrew is offering up his hotel room for the "said" event ... he just doesn't know it yet.

So, here's to you Mona ... can't wait to read the report. By the way ... Happy Birthday (19th I presume ... you know the recurring birthday. Hey, we're the same age)!

Mona Elesseily Considers What Next!