The (SEP) Guy had to get a new car this week. Unexpected expense. Ouch.

Ergo, The (SEP) Guy had to get insurance for the new car. Context: I'm the perfect customer. Sign me up and I'm lazy. I barely open my mail, and check online to see that things have come out of my account as they should. Same goes for my insurance. Rate set, I'm good to go.

So, a call to my existing insurance company. Info, info, info. Wait. Wait. Wait. Mr. Guy, we're pleased to be able to inform you your insurance will only being going up by 50%. (P.S. Dear insurance company: Dulcet tones, do not in fact make it any less impactful.) Aaaackkk.

However, this week, The Guy did a proposal up for an insurance client. Lightbulb. Epiphany.

Trundle onto the keyboard, bring up the client's site and plug some numbers in. Can't possibly be right. Plug numbers in again: Mr. Guy, we're pleased to inform you your insurance will be 50% less than what you're currently paying.

That can't possibly be right.

And there it is. That magic little button that says "Compare".

And lo and behold. There's the quote from my existing company. And there's the quote from the new company. And both are exactly as each said.

Long story, long, I'll be leaving my existing insurance company who I wouldn't dare mention publicly but clearly they chose their name because only presidents can afford them.

Oh, and by the way, because I booked online, I'm saving an additional 5%.

Comparison search tools are a good thing. A very good thing indeed.

~ The (SEP) Guy