HitTail adds a Plus version

HitTail, that neat service that helps you discover which long-tail phrases you should concentrate on, has announced a premium version. The free version isn't going away, but HitTail Plus adds some nice features (for a reasonable fee). I admit that I haven't logged into HitTail in quite some time for a very simple reason. I forgot. The one new feature in the Plus version that would solve that problem for me is the ability to receive e-mail and RSS notifications for keywords. All of the new features are:

  • E-mail notifications for new keyword topics for writing suggestions
  • Secure keyword RSS feeds for cost-effective long tail paid search campaigns and better ROI
  • Compatibility with secure Web pages for e-commerce sites
  • Sitemapping tool that confirms the proper installation of HitTail code on your Web site
  • Generation of sitemaps for submission to Google and Yahoo
  • Ability to visualize the growth of your site’s long tail keywords over time

For as little as $49.95/year, the Plus version may be worth a look.

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