One of the most overlooked uses of keyword competition analysis is to define your brand. Website owners usually choose keywords that are either too broad or too narrow to attract their ideal client. Typically, their keywords are chosen without regard to expected search queries or expected search engine rankings. Promoting the content structured around these keywords usually results in very little organic search traffic.

Who's Buying What?

A valuable use of keyword research is to compare the relevance of the products and services the website owner currently provides to the services buyers are seeking through searches.

Very often an adjustment in keywords will result in higher search traffic. An increase in the quality of the site visitors usually accompanies the increased traffic as well.

The process of using keyword competition analysis to define your brand can be compared to a funnel. At its widest opening are the broad keywords that are hard to rank for but generate substantial website traffic. At its narrow opening are the longest keyword phrases that are easy to rank for but generate very little website traffic.

Where Are They Buying It?

Competitor analysis can give insight into where in the brand funnel each product promotion should be positioned for greatest return. Both narrowing the marketing focus and broadening the marketing focus can be effective tools. When each product is defined in this manner, the result is a congruent group of products which define your brand for greatest promotional effect.

Using competition analysis to define your brand can be useful at any promotional stage. Website owners can use this methodology to determine:

  • Who is searching online for their services
  • What the trends are of associated products and services
  • When it is prudent to reinvent their current offerings
  • Where to invest their online promotion efforts
  • How to enter a market based on demand and competition levels

A Brand Is Defined

These valuable metrics can be used to shape every aspect of your brand online.

Knowing where in the brand funnel to position your services can yield the best results at the lowest cost. Whether beginning a new venture or improving the promotion of an existing one, a the best place to start is using competition analysis to define your brand.