Competitor Analysis Essentials – DIY Basics

Know thy enemey. Who is ranking above you and why. Who are you ranking above — and why. Where is your number one competitor getting their links; are they really active on social networks or do they merely have a few accounts.

Learn how to analyze your competition and how to benefit from that analysis….

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Kickstart your Competitor Analysis

For any business online, ranking for the terms that drive traffic to products that sell is just the first half of the battle. Ensuring you keep that valuable search traffic is just as important. Competitor analysis is a vital part of any ongoing optimization plan, especially if you rely on traffic from sought after search terms….

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Using Competition Analysis to Define Your Brand

Using competition analysis is one of the most prominent ways to choose a keyword. Examining the on page factors and the quantity and relevance of backlinks of the top search engine results gives insight into the likelihood of ranking in the top spots for that keyword. When a keyword is chosen through this process, the expected organic search ranking position can be estimated fairly accurately.

But the same data can be used to define branding. Learn how….

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