You've been posting to your business blog for a few years now and you're in a rut. Where do you get ideas for engaging content for your readers? Some things you may think about to help you get the creative juices flowing are:

  • new products
  • new technology
  • comments you've received in the past
  • post exchanges
  • contests

So let's look at each one of these ideas briefly.

New Products

Most industries are unveiling new products or developing new perspectives every day. Taking the time to do some research in your industry often will provide new ideas for posts. If you're a member of an organization that is devoted to promoting your industry, this is a great place to start. Checking out relevant websites may also provide some fuel. For instance, a local builder may write about the newest green technology ideas and look to Energy Star for the latest in green ideas and energy efficiency for new homes as well as remodels. If you just don't have the time to do this research, get your staff more involved.

New Technology

Something new comes up every day. Subscriptions to magazines that serve your industry are great way to learn about new technology affecting your product and marketing. And don't forget to follow technology blogs (such as Search Engine People); they can offer you insights and expert opinions on the latest technology ideas. Think about how QR codes or Smart Phone apps might help your clients. If you can make a connection, write about it. To research other technology blogs for help, check out Technorati. A word of warning: there are currently links to over 32,000 technology blogs on Technorati!

Comments On Your Blog

Take the time to review comments that your readers have made in the past. What questions have they asked or points have they raised? Have you addressed these in other posts? If not, this may open up a new line of communication for your blog and give you a fresh perspective.

Post Exchanges

You've certainly explored other blogs that cover the same subject areas as yours. If you admire a particular writer or blogger in your industry or find yourself going back to the same blog over and over, think about inviting them to exchange guest posts with you to enlarge your audience and open up a treasure chest of ideas. I've found that most other quality bloggers are very receptive to this idea so don't be afraid to ask.

Engage Your Readers

Polls, questions and contests or sweepstakes are all ways of engaging your readers that lead to new ideas for post material. Ask your readers what they want to know more about. For help with the right questions to ask your readers, check out Problogger's ideas. If you choose to go the contest or sweepstakes route, do your homework first. See the video below. Also be sure that you understand legal considerations by consulting with your counsel. And keep in mind that a sweepstakes means you choose your winner randomly, and in a contest, there is usually some competition involved.

Hire Someone To Write For You

If you just can' get your creativity moving on adding new and engaging content to your blog, consider bringing in a professional writing team. A writer that is focused on her craft can sometimes add a new perspective. And don't think you have to engage them forever. Often a few new ideas and perspectives can open your mind to new ideas and subjects. A social media expert can also help.

Whatever you choose to help make your blog interesting, don't give up. Persistence is the key to success. The longer you are out there with interesting content, the more people will get to know you and your business and connect their network to your blog and your product. Happy Blogging!