Questions, Info & Self Promotion Valued As Highest Worth Reading


Contrary to what you may expect, self promotional updates -- especially in the form of links to the thing you worked on -- are among the highest valued on Twitter, beaten only by questions at #1 and information sharing at #2. [1]

The old-fashioned "what are you doing now" update is the 3rd most disliked status. "Eating a sandwich" is oversharing.

Twitter Users Likely To Buy From Businesses That Answer Their Questions


One of the common suggestions of your SEO company is to get involved with communication on social networks, especially to seek out questions related to your product or service and then try to answer those questions as best as possible.

Twitter users self-reported[2] that they're more likely to buy from businesses that answer their questions.

Japanese Is The Second Most Used Language On Twitter


While English certainly is popular on Twitter, and the USA has the largest Twitter presence in the world, it isn't used even half of the time.

The second most used language on Twitter is Japanese.[3]

The US Has The Most Twitter Users


Twitter is a US phenomenon first: over 107 million accounts are from US[4] users, three times as many as runner up Brazil.

The Netherlands Has The Most Active Twitter Users


While the USA has the most Twitter accounts it's the Netherlands that is the most active online[4]. The US comes in at #4 while we see Japan, whose language is the second most used on Twitter, at #2.

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