Back on November 29th, I told you all that I had a site that was undergoing a radical change. I can now give some details about that site.

I've owned for a while now, and it was mainly used to house my ColdFusion products that I had for sale, but it also consisted of a fair amount of personal stuff (pics, etc.). I've recently made the decision to stop selling the ColdFusion apps, and offer them up for free elsewhere. I also made the decision to start a new personal blog at my DazzlinDonna site, located at That site has consisted of only one page for a while now, and I decided to have a little more fun with it. I don't have a clear plan in my head for it yet, but I imagine it will consist mostly of the goofier side of life, rather than the business side of it.

So, I am now 301 redirecting my site over to the dazzlindonna site. The old ColdFusion products page is redirecting to a specific page on the blog, and the rest of the site is redirecting to the blog's home page. I'll be keeping track to see how rankings are affected and will share them here when I know more. When I find out how the SEO is affected, you will too.

Note that DNS may not have fully propogated everywhere in the world, so the redirect may not be working for everyone yet.