Internet use on mobile devices is becoming increasingly widespread and its causing digital marketing to grow very quickly. In fact, experts believe web marketing will overtake television ads in the coming years. In both web and traditional marketing, campaign success is contingent on advertising in places where youre most likely to be noticed, which now includes social media sites, search engines, online business directories, and inboxes.


Follow your audience

As history has demonstrated, the way that people spend their time changes as technology improves: TV over took radio in the sixties, and now TVs beginning to yield to digital media. Since people are now more interested in interactive content, investing in TV ads alone is no longer enough to attain a strong market presence.

Social networking was born following the consumer shift to home computer use and the popularity of AOL messaging. As we know, these days Twitter, Google+, and Facebook dominate the online social scene, and video advertising is on the rise across the web.

With Facebooks new video ads, the company aims to help brands reach their audiences more effectively citing its extensive user base and custom tools. To generate maximum exposure, Facebook plans to place its videos front and center on users news feeds, which is the most viewed feature on the site. The company is focusing on improving the mobile experience as well with seamless mobile play and a full screen view. Since the use of wireless devices is becoming increasingly intertwined with our lives and the way we access media, businesses need to adapt their strateges by devoting more time and effort to online platforms, and when possible create video ads and testimonials to respond to the high consumer demand for video content.

Reach consumers who matter to you

In contrast to TV, Youtube, and other sites out there, which force ads on viewers regardless of their preferences, Facebook aims to improve the user experience by allowing people to view the ads they want to see. Marketers can then target those users who are more likely to watch through the wealth of data that people input into their profiles.

Dont get left behind in the content revolution. Video Ads that provide value or entertainment to consumers are more likely to be viewed and shared. Also, considering that producing an in-house video for Vine, Facebook, Youtube, or any other video platform does not require the same kind of investment as producing and airing a local tv commercial " the cost saving is undeniable.